What sounds more enticing to you—hitting the ski slopes whenever you want, or investing in a real estate property in a picture-perfect community and making your dreams a reality? Why not both? As one of Utah’s leading real estate agencies, Slope Style Realty is passionate about making the biggest dreams a reality. We are committed to each and every one of our clients and we have assisted many buyers throughout Utah find the best homes for sale in Park City.

If you and your family are avid skiers and you make several trips up the mountain throughout the ski season, you’ve probably thought about purchasing a home in the quintessential ski town of Park City. Even if skiing in the cold and sometimes freezing temperatures has never been a hobby of yours, andather biking, hiking, renowned shopping, and exquisite dining is more your style, then investing in Park City real estate should be a no-brainer. The real estate specialists in Park City at Slope Style Realty cater to every client’s lifestyle needs and dedicate themselves to make houses for sale in Park City into dream homes that will be loved for years to come.

While up-and-coming neighborhoods and reputable school districts will always be a smart real estate investment decision, we have a few reasons why purchasing a home in a ski resort town like Park City is just as wise of an investment decision.

Potential for Rental Income

Not ready to take the plunge and live in a ski town 100-percent of the time? That definitely will not be an issue in Park City. Your investment can become your vacation home, and a place to retreat to at your leisure. Since ski towns are (and always will be) incredibly popular, you wouldn’t have a problem renting it to tourists when you’re not using it. You can maximize your investment with rental income by finding the right property in an ideal rental location and choosing a reputable rental management company.

Ski-in, ski-out homes in Park City do particularly well as rentals. Eager out-of-town tourists and vacationers are willing to pay increased rental rates for guaranteed easy ski access and a stunning view. Should you choose to place your Park City home onto the rental market, be sure to discuss this with the real estate agents at Slope Style Realty—some communities and subdivisions may prohibit some to be used as rentals.

Long-Term Appreciation

Realizing the appreciation of a piece of property in a gorgeous ski town is a delightful feeling. Purchasing a home, whether it will be bought as your forever-home, for rental income, or as a vacation home in Park City, is generally considered to be in a good position for appreciation. Of course, we can never predict the future, and real estate valuations can be easily affected by many factors that are beyond our control. On a positive note, at the end of the 2017, annual Realtor® statistics report that the overall real estate market for Summit and Wasatch Counties continues to be rising at a steady pace. A few highlights worth mentioning:

  • Condominium sales inside Park City limits increased by 14%
  • Median sale prices increased by 6%  
  • Single family home sales increased by 13%
  • Single family home median sales price increased by 12%  

Vacation Home in Park City     

Of course, the obvious benefit of buying a home in Park City is the ability to go on vacation any time you wish without the burden of booking a hotel. No need to haul your ski equipment or bikes and hiking gear up and down the mountain—keep them stored safely and locked up at your home in Park City.

Are you purchasing a home for the purpose of living there full-time as opposed to a vacation rental? Even better! When you choose to live in Park City on a full-time basis, it’s like being on a permanent vacation in the best resort ski town. You’ll never have to worry about saying ‘goodbye’ to watching beautiful sunrises or miss waking up to the view of those alluring ski slopes. Instead, your dreams of living in a magnificent resort ski town can be fulfilled simply by contacting Slope Style Realty!

Assuming that you are looking to buy a home in Summit or Wasatch Counties, you have likely traveled through Park City a time or two. We certainly cannot blame you for wanting to come back again time and time again, or even take the ultimate leap and buy a house in Park City. As you know, Park City, Utah is full of outdoor activities that appeal to even the least outdoorsy resident, as well as unique shopping, dining, and cultural experiences that will easily consume your calendar for weeks if not months. Living in Park City is a truly a treat for anyone that is fortunate to call Summit County their home. It’s no wonder we are seeing such growth in the real estate market—many out-of-towners have discovered our piece of paradise and want to plant their roots here, too!

Think back to the last time you stayed in Park City. Did you ever think to yourself, “I never want to leave”? Most people share the same thought and more and more of them are making the bold decision to make it a reality. If you are one of those people who are considering making a move to Park City, you’ll want a real estate team that is dedicated to finding the perfect home in Park City. At Slope Style Realty, we are just the team to do that for you! Browse our listings and contact our real estate agents to schedule your consultation, today!