If you are getting ready to put your home on the market, there are a few important things to be aware of in order to sell your home quick and at the right price. As a Top Rated® Local real estate agency in Park City, Slope Style Realty can help you get ready to sell your home to the right buyer.

Aside from hiring the best Park City real estate team to sell your home, the second most important step is staging your home to sell. In today’s article, we’ll discuss how to stage your home without spending a fortune and selling your home to the right buyer!

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Home Staging Tips

The purpose of home staging is to attract potential buyers to your listing and allow them to envision themselves living there. In order to accomplish this, sellers will need to make a few adjustments to their home. Continue reading for a few home staging decor tips.

Declutter Personal Items

You went through great lengths to decorate your home with your own personal touch, but the first and most important step to staging your home is to pack away personal items. It’s difficult for buyers to envision their lives in a new space that is filled with another family’s portraits, and everyone’s belongings.

Upgrade Decor

You might have to sacrifice your unique taste in furniture and home decor to appeal to more buyers. Changing out your area rugs and wall decor for a complementary style is one of the best things you can do to appeal to more buyers. Buy rugs that fit your space and avoid getting one that is too small, as a larger rug have the ability to make a space seem larger. Additionally, swapping a large portrait for a mirror instead has the same illusion of making a room feel spacious.

Replace Window Treatments

Focus on common living areas like a living room and dining room to create an inviting atmosphere. Simple, functional window coverings allow a room to breathe making the space feel more open. If you choose to hang curtains, choose floor-length curtains and hang them as close to the ceiling as possible instead of the top of the window frame.

Deep Clean

Obviously, cleaning is vital prior to a showing or an open house. But a deep clean is highly necessary, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Take the time to disinfect and scrub every surface to eliminate dirt and grime. Plus, your water fixtures will shine, making it appear as if they were recently installed.

The Final Touch

A small gesture goes a long way. Bake chocolate chip cookies or leave fresh flowers on the countertop before the showing to create a welcoming impression for your potential buyers that allows them to feel relaxed as they browse around.

Staging your home is not a requirement to selling, however it is highly recommended if you wish to sell your home fast and to the right buyer. Chances are slim that your home will be the only home buyers will see, so set your home apart from the competition and let it stand out.

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