This year’s day of giving falls on Friday, November 9, 2018.

The vision of Live PC Give PC is a community where every citizen contributes to our nonprofit organizations.

There are three primary goals:

1. Grow philanthropy in Summit County – bring new donors to our nonprofit organizations.

2. Grow revenue for nonprofit organizations serving Summit County – create a new funding stream.

3. Grow supporters – educate the community on the positive impact on their lives by Summit County’s nonprofit organizations.

Every November, Live PC Give PC brings our community together for 24 hours of extreme generosity. With everyone in the community giving whatever they can, we’ve raised millions of dollars for Park City nonprofits.


  • 2011 (inaugural year) – Raised over $330,000 from 1,500 donors in 24 hours
  • 2012 – Raised almost $600,000 from 2,700 donors
  • 2013 – Raised $832,000 from 2,700 donors
  • 2014 – Raised $1,035,000 from 2,882 donors
  • 2015 – Raised $1,348,668 from 3,293 donors
  • 2016 – Raised $1,736,306 from 3,676 donors
  • 2017 – Raised $2,026,917 from 4,123 donors

2018 Campaign Goal: To have 4,500 unique donors participate during the 24 hours.

Featured NonProfit: Friends of the Park City Library 

Caroline Krumel of Slope Style Realty will be matching donations to Friends of the Park City Library from now through November 9th, 2018 for up to $500. Scroll to the ‘Live Matching Grants’ section from the link above to view more details. Don’t miss your chance at having your donation amount doubled!

Friends of the Park City Library raise funds that enrich library offerings and services for all patrons. We’ve made it possible for librarians and staff to attend conferences and trainings. We’ve purchased furniture and fixtures to enhance the library space and improve services.

Park City Library isn’t your run-of-the-mill, small town library so we’ve funded some unique items too; everything from food for the guinea pig to a rack for snowboards.

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